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Vendesi Signature Facial                              
60 Minute Session $85.00
Classic European technique that helps maintain your skin balanced.  We prepare the skin with a deep cleansing cleanse and massage followed by extractions to remove any blackhead impurities.  Followed by a relaxing face massage to stimulate blood circulation giving your skin a beautiful rosy glow.  This also helps strengthen facial muscles to avoid pre-mature facial drooping.  We customize according to your skin type and needs.  

Vendesi Deluxe Facial                                  
60 Minute Session  $100.00
Everything our signature facial offers plus a hydrating paraffin mask treatment to alleviate dryness followed by a massage.  While your skin is masking one of our amazing massage therapist will perform a relaxing foot reflexology massage to relieve any stress on your feet.

Oxygen Facial  
60 Minute Session                                         $150.00
30 Minute Session                                         $  75.00

Our environment and sometimes lifestyle (smoking, stress, aging) cause our skin to experience oxidation causing our skin to become dull looking.  This cell rejuvenating treatment infuses oxygen using an oxygen concentrator machine a along with a cocktail serum which carries 5x's more oxygen. This treatment has anti-bacterial properties making it a perfect treatment for someone suffering with acne. We infuse vitamins and minerals into your skin that are necessary to maintain healthy cells and hydrated skin!

O2 Lift Facial                                                  
60 Minute Session                                           $120.00     
30 Minute session                                            $89.00   

This luxurious oxygen skin care treatment infuses an oxygen serum, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. (product based treatment only)

The Works Facial   
60 Minute Session  $150.00
Diamond Microdermabrasion, Level 1 Chemical Peel, Oxygen Treatment, Ultrasonic Treatment
This is a treatment only session, we take away the fluff without compromising the results!

Hydrafacial 30 Minute Session $150.00
This treatment help improve the health of the skin using a technique similar to Microdermabrasion except with a liquid version.
Help improve the appearance of Fine-lines/Wrinkles, Brown Spots/Sun-damage
Great Results in less than 30 minutes

Corrective Skincare Resurfacing Treatments
Chemical Peels
Level 1                         $120
Level 2                         $150
Level 3                         $200

Fruit Enzyme Peel

Chyrally Correct Fruit Enzyme Peels
60 Minute Session       $115.00
30 Minute Session        $65.00

60 Minute Session       $150.00
30 Minute Session       $75.00

Herbal Peel                 
60 Minute     $250
Natural and Organic peel that helps smooth out skin texture caused by acne.  Also, great for hyper-pigmentation on any skin color.  This treatment is safe and takes away the risk of post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.
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