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Swedish Relaxation Massage
Classic European massage that calms your body and spirit. Helps reduce stress and improves circulation.
Each (approx. 60 min) $85
Series of Five $375

Aromatherapy Massage
Gentle massage that stimulates the lymphatic system and calms the nervous system while applying aromatic oils to enhance the massage.
Each (approx. 60 min) $90

Therapeutic Massage
This therapeutic massage incorporates Swedish and other modalities such as acupressure and reflexology helping to 
reduce stress and tension.

Each (approx. 90 min) $110

Warm Stone Therapy
An ancient art that begins with essential oils to soothe and relax the senses, warm stones are massaged into the muscles, warming them and releasing tension, then followed up with concentrated massage in
tense areas. This massage induces a profound state of relaxation and connection 
with the earth.

Each (approx. 60 min) $100

Pregnancy Massage
A light pressure massage for relaxation and relief from the minor aches and pains
of pregnancy. Special cushions are used for comfort and safety.

*Please note, we require written acknowledgement from the client's physician at the time of the appointment.

Back Stress Therapy
Concentrated massage on the neck, shoulders and back area.
Each (approx. 30 min) $55

Chair Massage
Can't fit a much-needed massage into your busy schedule? Revitalize and relax with a 15-minute chair massage.
Each 15 minutes $25
An ancient technique that uses pressure points massage in the feet and hands. Applying pressure to these points will help eliminate toxins and induce a state of total relaxation. This treatment will have you walking on air.
15 min (feet) $22 30 min (feet) $30 60 min (feet and hands) $80

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